Fire & Brilliance Loves Moissanite!

The talented team behind Fire & Brilliance, including co-owners Michael & Linda Nguyen and social media manager Cid Nguyen, recently visited us here in Morrisville, NC. While they were here, they got the experience of a lifetime – the chance to see Charles & Colvard’s brand new, game changing brand of colorless moissanite, Forever One™.

Two weeks ago, we of Fire & Brilliance had the privilege of meeting with the head executives of Charles & Colvard® in the heart of North Carolina. The company is renowned for being the first to introduce lab-created moissanite into the market, making this romantic gemstone from the stars accessible to everyone. Since we work in front of a digital blank canvas every day as jewelry designers, we were extremely eager to meet with the Charles & Colvard® team and learn more about the gem that we’ve enjoyed incorporating into so many of our custom designs.

Custom-made Forever Brilliant® Moissanite engagement ring by Fire & Brilliance

Custom-made Forever Brilliant® Moissanite engagement ring by Fire & Brilliance

We’d also been promised a big reveal; we were to be among the first few groups of people allowed to see their new product line. Knowing how far Charles & Colvard® has come in continuously improving their moissanite gemstones, none of us could sit still on the flight there. Fire & Brilliance has been in connection with Charles & Colvard® since its first production of moissanite. Over the years, we have watched their business market bloom and boom right alongside ours.

Upon arriving, we were warmly welcomed to dine in the company of Marketing Vice President Sarah Williams, Content Manager Kristen Pagan, and Creative Director Dan Woodruff at Raleigh Times Bar. We were immediately charmed by the speak-easy ambiance of the quaint restaurant. We later learned that it used to be home to a newspaper of the same name. There is an unspoken beauty in the rich history of certain establishments like this, to know passion was driven here.

As the evening carried on, we came to understand that Charles & Colvard’s team dynamic is very similar to that of Fire & Brilliance. It’s definitely refreshing to meet people, regardless of distance in geography, with personalities as big as those of us native Californians! Knowing that this group is led by such open-minded creative thinkers and leaders, we are proud to place our faith in the strong pillars that hold Charles & Colvard®.


Arriving at Charles & Colvard HQ in Morrisville, NC

Their headquarters, located in Morrisville, was just a short drive away from where we were staying. Once in the building, we were introduced to some of the staff, and were pleasantly surprised by how efficient and organized everything was. Their assigned systems of operations work and it is a definitely thanks to the creative leadership of Merchandise, Production, and Distribution Vice President Robert G. Curry. We were shown, by Curry and company, the varying stages of how moissanite preforms become as nicely tailored as we see them in the market.

From a design standpoint, we listened intently for information about the inner workings of the stone. We tend to be inspired by the everyday and the one-of-a-kind, the never-before-seen, and the objects you would never tire of seeing over and over. It is important for us to know the processes, the efforts that go into the making of this lab-created gem, because one of the most important parts of our job is to place the stone’s best qualities on display.


Michael checking out a loose moissanite gemstone with a loupe

For quite some time now, we have admired moissanite for its stand-alone beauty. Its ability to impress with a nearly colorless grade range is undeniable. Curry made note of always wanting to improve their product, for his production team to persist in going just one step further. Through strenuous bouts of experimentation, strategy, and trial and error, his team was able to consistently produce better and better versions of moissanite. It was with great pleasure that he revealed to us Charles & Colvard’s newest moissanite brand: Forever One. Charles & Colvard® is now able to produce and sell truly colorless moissanite, up to color grade D!

The impossible made possible – colorless moissanite!

The impossible made possible – colorless moissanite!

We were floored! We will soon have the Forever Classic, the Forever Brilliant, and the Forever One collections of stones to choose from for our custom jewelry designs. We love that Charles & Colvard® is offering a unified group of brands that hold true to their important company values: one, brilliant, and classic.

We loved our short visit to Moissanite HQ and cannot wait to be a part of promoting the Forever Family and its new addition! With our specialty in custom fine jewelry, Fire & Brilliance wants our customers to feel respected and valued. Charles & Colvard® has made our job much easier in making moissanite and its wide range of color grades more accessible for all.

~Cid N. 

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Learn more about the new Forever One moissanite stone on the Charles & Colvard website, and stay tuned to for more information on when and where to buy!