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Creating a More Eco-Friendly Jewelry Industry

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    Charles & Colvard ® Expands Signature Collection to Include All New Lab Grown Diamond


    Fresh off a Couture Collection launch that showcased their Caydia® lab grown diamonds in astounding carat weights and dramatic new silhouettes - Charles & Colvard is once again turning heads. This time, with their first ever line of men's diamond fashion bands.

    Featuring Caydia® lab grown diamonds and 14K recycled yellow and white gold, this sleek new line will join their acclaimed Signature Collection and give yet another glimpse into a bold and exciting new direction for the company already beloved for their Made, Not Mined™ bridal fine jewelry.

    While Charles & Colvard has no desire to slow down its contribution to wedding ring categories, it d

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  • Charles and Colvard Redefines Conscious Luxury with New Lab Grown Diamond Couture

    Charles & Colvard ® Redefines Conscious Luxury with New Lab Grown Diamond


    A brand on the move, Charles & Colvard is giving the luxury industry a glimpse of what the future of fine jewelry looks like with their new Couture Collection. Responsibly crafted using Caydia® lab grown diamonds and recycled precious metals, the 50-piece collection features rings, bracelets, and earrings in staggering carat weights and design combinations that prove luxury fine jewelry can still be conscious.

    From 10-carat chandelier drop earrings, to double and triple stacked geometric eternity bands, and jaw-dropping 12- and 13-carat alternating tennis bracelets – the collection is intended for couture brides, red carpet fashion, celebrities, or anyone looking for highcarat conscious couture.

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  • In Time for Bridal Season - Charles & Colvard Unveils Bigger and Bolder Forever One™ Moissanite Rings
    In Time for Bridal Season - Charles & Colvard Unveils Bigger and Bolder Forever One™ Moissanite Rings


    July 5, 2022

    All new Forever One moissanite engagement rings were unveiled on, just in time for bridal season.

    With over 35 new pieces, these designs showcase the expert craftsmanship that’s been synonymous with Charles & Colvard's Forever One™ moissanite, but with elevated and unexpected details in every piece.

    With larger carat weights, striking geometric shapes, and intricate detailing along the bands and galleries – these rings exemplify what 2022 brides are looking for and why lab grown gemstones are dominating current trends in the bridal and engagement ring industry.

    As Brides Magazine and Vogue recently highlighted – couples this year are embracing bridal plans without restrictions and making up for lost time with rings that embrace bigger, bolder, and more unique designs. Their “trends” lists inclu

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  • Charles & Colvard Introduces Caydia® Lab Grown Diamond Pavé Collection

    Charles & Colvard introduces Caydia® Lab Grown Diamond Pavé Collection

    June 7, 2022

    This week, as jewelers from all over the world head to JCK for “the most important jewelry buying event in North America,” they’ll have a new shift in diamond buying trends to consider.

    As CNN Business recently reported, there’s been a monumental up-swing in demand for lab grown diamonds over traditional mined diamonds amongst consumers.

    New data shows lab grown diamond ring sales jumped 63% last year amongst ring shoppers and natural diamond rings declined 25%.

    The report isn’t surprising to us here at Charles & Colvard. Lab grown diamonds offer a higher quality and value than mined diamonds, and do it all without compromising ethical standards. We go several steps further with our offering by working exclusively with made, not mined gemstones and recycled precious metals. We do this to serve the emerging consumer and their demands for fine jewelry that addresses concerns for both the environment and humanitarian impact. Fine jewelry, with a conscience.

    While our made, not mined™ fine jewelry has mostly catered to the bridal and engagement ring market, conscious consumers are now looking beyond bridal for e

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  • Celebrating the Brilliant Winners of the 2019 Charles & Colvard Women’s Empowerment Scholarship
    Celebrating the Brilliant Winners of the 2019 Charles & Colvard Women’s Empowerment Scholarship

    Charles & Colvard partnered with Wake Technical Community College to award two deserving women the Charles & Colvard Women’s Empowerment Scholarship – an award specifically designed to support women in the community that are seeking higher education and actively pursuing their long-term career goals. To learn more about this scholarship, we encourage you to visit this page.

    Recently, we caught up for a Q&A session with both winners: Ashley Mobley and Latiffa Lindsey. These lovely ladies opened up on topics of personal achievements, encouragement, and advice for the next brilliant woman. Read on to see just what makes them so very deserving of this scholarship…. 

    What does brilliance mean to you?

    Just like describing a gemstone, brilliance in my opinion pertains to unique qualities of distinction (i.e. Imaginative thought, resiliency, praiseworthy accomplishments). Brilliance surpasses, and perhaps even outlasts, mere intellect. It is brilliance that makes a person shine like a gemstone.

    I think brilliance relates to understanding. In order to succeed, you need to be able to understand others’ point of view. Then, you become the most brilliant human being when you’re selfless in this regard.

    What do you feel makes you brilliant?

    I feel that my resilience is what makes me brilliant. It’s my ability to overcome adversity and utilize challenging experiences for growth. My brilliance lies in my ability to maintain a positive outlook on life and to always look on the bright side - which has ultimately allowed me to shine through my successes, achievements and accomplishments.


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  • Congrats to the NC Courage - Back to Back NWSL Champions!
    Congrats to the NC Courage - Back to Back NWSL Champions!

    We can’t say congratulations enough to the amazing ladies of the North Carolina Courage for their second National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) Championship win in late October 2019! This team proves time-and-time again, their deserving presence. Having the mind-set and experience of previously capturing a championship, they were unstoppable when closing out their winning game on October 27th against Chicago Red Stars in a 4-0 win. What can we say – they just can’t stop shining!

    Charles & Colvard stands behind these successful, inspiring women as proud partners that are the epitome of #ShesBrilliant – our underlying message to consumers that seek beautiful, moissanite jewelry backed by the women that inspire them. For more on what drives and inspires these champions, check out these videos:

    Also, did you know you can shop Charles & Colvard’s Athletic Edition styles that were designed with NC Courage women in mind? The Brilliant Player necklace (available in both small and large) was actually awarded to NC Courage's, "Brilliant Players of the Game," throughout the season!

    Brilliant Player

    Large necklace - $99.00

    Small necklace - $79.00

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