Our Summer Jewelry Picks for Popular Vacation Destinations

Aug 17, 2017
Our Summer Jewelry Picks for Popular Vacation Destinations

Summer’s not over just yet! If you’re trying to squeeze in another vacation or hit the beach one last time for Labor Day, you’ll want to plan out your outfits and accessories in advance to make sure you look amazing. Regardless of where you may go, check out our top travel jewelry picks for some of the most popular summer destinations:

City Connoisseur

Are you planning to soak up the hustle and bustle of a city with historic monuments and beautiful architecture or enchanting shows and amazing food? No matter the sites, upgrade your look and go bold with a fashion ring, double halo pendant or tennis bracelet:

princess necklace tennis

From left to right: Princess Split Shank Solitaire (starting at $1,029), Round Double Halo Necklace (starting at $999), Oval Tennis Bracelet (starting at $5,329)

Relaxed Romantic

Nothing says romance like a European getaway or a visit to a local vineyard. Go for a classic matching set that can transition from day to night. You’ll look elegant and dreamy with this white gold necklace, bracelet and earring trio:

necklace bangle halo

From left to right: Round Halo Necklace (starting at $999), Round Open Cuff Bracelet (starting at $329), Round Halo Stud Earrings (starting at $929)

Mountain Maniac

Don’t worry if everyone else is hitting the beach – it’s okay to seek a little outdoor adventure or enjoy a scenic spot. We suggest something that’s a little more protected, so ditch the drop earrings and long necklaces. Keep it simple with a nice pair of studs and secure bracelet or bezel ring:

martini bracelet bezel

From left to right: Round Martini Solitaire Studs (starting at $569), Round Bangle Bracelet (starting at $499), Round Bezel Set Fashion Ring (starting at $199)

Beach Bum

Naturally, one of the most popular vacation spots is to head to the beach to catch some waves! Compliment your tan in rose gold, sparkle like the sun in yellow gold, or anchor down in these white gold earrings:

wire cushion anchor

From left to right: Round Arrow Bracelet (starting at $299), Cushion Solitaire Pendant (starting at $1,199), Round Peek A Boo Drop Earrings (starting at $349)

Don’t forget that it might be best to take off your jewelry before playing in the sand. Make sure you check out our blog to learn how you can best clean and take care of your jewelry so it’ll look just as good once you return home.

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