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Open minded, savvy, intentional and beautiful

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Our Gems

Forever OneForever One Moissanite

Our Signature Collection styles available with Forever One moissanite gemstones are the most brilliant representation of ethical beauty. These exquisite rings, earrings and necklaces are uniquely designed to stand out from all the rest. Signature Collection fine jewelry set with Forever One moissanite is available in 14K white, yellow or rose gold as well as platinum. This collection represents our belief in a more brilliant way forward.

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CaydiaCaydia Lab Grown Diamond

The sparkle of Caydia lab grown diamonds comes alive when set in our Signature Collection styles. This exclusive assortment of Signature Collection fine jewelry was designed with intention to be the most luxurious engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings and necklaces that we offer. Signature Collection styles set with Caydia lab grown diamonds are available in 18K gold and platinum. This is fine jewelry, redefined.

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Behind the Scenes

Every Signature Collection setting starts with our floret – the mark that includes all we hold true as a brand. Each piece of jewelry in this collection features elements of the floret, emanating from the central star as represented by Forever One and Caydia. The more elaborate settings reflect our continued commitment to beauty with sustainability through petal-shaped elements and our four Cs: cut, color, clarity and conscience. The Signature Collection settings are symbols worthy of who you are and the message that you send to the world.

The Signature Setting

At Charles & Colvard, we intentionally create ethical beauty in even the smallest details of our fine jewelry. This beauty is reflected in our iconic Signature Collection setting. It's mindfully made, artfully crafted and beautifully yours.

Each element of the floret is representative of our mission, and our approach to jewelry design.


There's a flash of brilliance at the heart of every Signature Collection setting, putting our gems' unbeatable sparkle and luster at the center of each design.


Four petal-shaped elements represent our commitment to sustainable practices, which is woven into everything we do and every piece of jewelry we create at Charles & Colvard.


Our Forever One and Caydia gems are cut and polished to perfection to deliver superior sparkle.


All of our gems fall within the colorless and near-colorless ranges. Specifically, Forever One is available in either D-E-F or G-H-I color ranges. Our Caydia lab grown diamonds are available in E, F or G color grades.


The clarity of Forever One is unmatched, falling within a clarity range equivalent to VS1 to internally flawless. Similarly, our Caydia lab diamonds have aminimum clarity of VS1.


Both of our gems are grown in a lab—and that’s a good thing. We don’t mine, destroy ecosystems, pollute land or engage in violent trade practices. This is jewelry you can feel good about wearing.

Crafted to Last

Our gems shine brilliantly. Every Signature Collection design complements its featured stone, creating a piece that will captivate for years to come.

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