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Signature Collection

Our Signature Collection showcases elevated Forever One moissanite and Caydia® lab-grown diamond styles. Inside each piece, our patented Signature Floret echoes our ethos. Just for you, it’s a reminder to never compromise on standards.

Couture Collection

Made for couture brides, red carpet fashion, or anyone looking for luxe jewelry – this collection features our Caydia® lab-grown diamonds in staggering carat weights and proves that high fashion fine jewelry can still be responsibly crafted.

Created Color Collection

Our lab created sapphire, ruby, and emerald precious gemstones were made to complement our Caydia® lab-grown diamonds in these colorful and conscious fine jewelry pieces.

Signature Men’s Collection

From classic signet styles to fashion-forward silhouettes – our Men’s Collection was Made, not Mined to exceed exceptional standards.

Pavé Collection

Made, not Mined using our Caydia® lab-grown diamonds, these styles are all pavé set in 14K recycled yellow, white, and rose gold and feature stunning silhouettes and maximum sparkle.

Zodiac Collection

When the stars that guide you meet the jewelry standards that move you, our Zodiac Collection perfectly symbolizes both and is responsibly crafted in 14K recycled gold and Caydia® lab-grown diamonds.

Exotic Collection

Made to stand out and considered “exotic” for a reason, these one-of-a-kind designs feature staggering Forever One moissanite or Caydia® lab-grown diamond center stones with a carat weight of 5.00 CTW or higher.

Caydia® In Color Collection

Discover the vibrant shades of pink and yellow lab-grown diamonds in this collection.

Personalized Collection

Timeless jewelry designs meet personalized details, enabling you to create a treasured keepsake.