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Forever One by Charles & Colvard

Forever One embodies the brilliance of your unique sparkle. Decades in the making, Forever One is the most premium moissanite exclusively created, cut and faceted by Charles & Colvard. Grown using a patented process, the quality of Forever One is superior to that of other moissanite brands.

Each gemstone is graded to meet the exacting standards synonymous with Charles & Colvard – standards that are reflected in the impeccable craftmanship of each piece of jewelry we create.

Forever One moissanite gems are only available in colorless or near-colorless grades and fall within a clarity range equivalent to VS1 to internally flawless. These gems are graded to have excellent cut, polish and symmetry.

Forever One is unparalleled lab grown moissanite at an accessible price.

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral, silicon carbide, that is found in limited quantities in the earth. While moissanite exists in nature, it is so incredibly rare that it must be created in a lab to produce pieces large enough to cut into gemstones. When cut and faceted, moissanite is by definition, the world’s most brilliant gem.

Made, not mined.

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Our goal is to continuously expand our offerings with a keen eye toward socially conscious practices and products. Our commitment to these principles makes Forever One a brilliant choice.



It took more than 25 years of innovation to produce Forever One, the premier brand of lab created moissanite. In fact, we guarantee that our Forever One gems will remain brilliant for a lifetime.

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Forever One is luxurious in every way, yet accessibly priced. At a fraction of the cost of a comparable mined diamond, moissanite is the perfect gemstone choice for those seeking beauty and value.

Forever One MoissaniteCaydia Lab Grown Diamond
Made of Silicon CarbideMade of Carbon
Hardness Scale: 9.25 - 9.50Hardness Scale: 10
Color: Colorless (D-E-F) and Near Colorless (G-H-I)Color: E, F and G
Clarity: Internally Flawless (IF) to Very Slightly Included (VS1)Clarity: Very Slightly (VS1) Included or better
Cut: ExcellentCut: Very Good or better
Polish: ExcellentPolish: Excellent
Symmetry: ExcellentSymmetry: Excellent

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