Charles & Colvard ® Redefines Conscious Luxury with New Lab Grown Diamond


A brand on the move, Charles & Colvard is giving the luxury industry a glimpse of what the future of fine jewelry looks like with their new Couture Collection. Responsibly crafted using Caydia® lab grown diamonds and recycled precious metals, the 50-piece collection features rings, bracelets, and earrings in staggering carat weights and design combinations that prove luxury fine jewelry can still be conscious.

From 10-carat chandelier drop earrings, to double and triple stacked geometric eternity bands, and jaw-dropping 12- and 13-carat alternating tennis bracelets – the collection is intended for couture brides, red carpet fashion, celebrities, or anyone looking for highcarat conscious couture.

Adding to their already-impressive repertoire of made, not mined™ fine jewelry – the company has their sights on becoming one of the top destinations for lab grown diamond jewelry. A stunning showcase of abstract silhouettes and dramatic lines that feature new pear, baguette, and marquise cuts, this collection certainly makes a case for why they should be.

Unlike anything the Research Triangle Park, NCbased company has unveiled before, CEO Don O’Connell says it’s a bold move that further elevates the brand. “We’ve been pushing our creative boundaries for the last few years and challenging ourselves to diversify our product and our approach to conscious fine jewelry,” he says.

Their approach – using exclusively made, not mined gemstones – has been a popular choice that is gaining traction for nearly three decades. They’ve used that time to perfect their craftsmanship and now consider themselves an industry leader in the lab grown space. Building a fine jewelry company that’s motivated by conscience, O’Connell says it’s time the industry redefines what high couture jewelry looks like and where they’re looking to buy it.

"This collection demonstrates the future of luxury fine jewelry. "

“We believe the future is lab grown,” O’ Connell says, “and today’s consumer expects their product to be as beautiful as it is responsible. We introduced this collection to showcase what the future of luxury fine jewelry can – and should – look like.”

You can explore and shop this exclusive new line via their website