Bride-to-Be Tori Okoye on her Moissanite Ring

Youtube personality, pharmacy student, and newly engaged all-around awesome person Tori Okoye always knew she wanted a heart-shaped engagement ring. She also knew she wanted her and her fiance Nate to start share the responsibility of saving for the ring, as many modern couples do. They planned to save for a diamond, but after reading about moissanite on wedding blogs, Tori began seriously considering it as her engagement ring gemstone. Since the cost was so much less than that of a diamond, they wouldn’t have to wait to get engaged.

Tori told her fiance about going with moissanite instead of diamond, and although he was a bit reluctant at first (more on this here), Tori eventually won him over to the idea. Both Tori and Nate loved the fact that moissanite is eco-friendly and conflict-free. Also, Tori had noticed that more and more brides were going with alternative gemstones, whether they be moissanite, sapphire, black diamond, or morganite. She decided that moissanite was the stone for her, and they selected a stunning heart-cut 1.25 ct. moissanite ring.

Tori’s heart-cut moissanite engagement ring!

“I’m very pleased with it,” Tori says. “I think it’s much more normal to get things that aren’t diamonds now.”