Ever Wonder How Moissanite is Made?

Charles & Colvard is the original creator of moissanite, the world’s most brilliant gem with a brilliance refractive index at 2.65-2.69 and a fire dispersion of 0.104. Forever One moissanite is a lab-created gem, meaning it’s both environmentally and socially responsible. Have you ever wondered how this beautiful gemstone is manufactured? If you want to know more, keep on reading.

How does Charles & Colvard create moissanite?

To create moissanite, scientists spent decades researching and developing an innovative process that would elicit brilliant, unique gems. The creation process is lengthy, complicate and expensive, which means the output for each gem is limited – it takes two to three months just to create a single gem! Our manufacturing process and many years of experience make us today’s leading source and global distributer of created moissanite.

What steps are taken to ensure each moissanite gemstone is of the highest quality?

We have taken care to develop a rigorous process to produce created moissanite. This process follows exact specifications and maintains very high standards of quality control for each individual gemstone. After its creation, moissanite then must pass our stringent quality and purity tests, along with many rounds of grading before it is sold to the consumer.

Is moissanite an ideal cut stone?

An ideal cut gemstone can be rare, because it means the stone has the perfect proportions and angles to maximize light reflection. To ensure that our moissanite has the most fire and brilliance, each gemstone is examined by a specialist who determines where the natural cuts in the stone lie. Charles & Colvard created moissanite gemstones are carefully and precisely cut per the exact angles and proportions prescribed by each shape to enhance its unrivaled fire and brilliance.

How is moissanite graded for clarity?

At Charles & Colvard, we employ graduate gemologists certified by the Gemological Institute of America to examine our gemstones. Each gem is meticulously studied by trained grading specialists using a 10x jeweler’s loupe. This loupe will expose any inclusions that may inhibit Forever One moissanite’s optical performance. The gemstones that pass through the grading process are the highest quality created moissanite and are sold to our distributors and consumers. 

Whether you want to know more about the physical characteristics of moissanite or the repair and care of the stones, our Moissanite FAQ page will provide you with the answers you’re looking for.  We also encourage you to compare moissanite with diamonds or white sapphires, as each stone has its own characteristics just like the unique person wearing them.