Fake Diamond Rings that Outshine Diamonds


These days it's hard to tell which gems are "fake" or "real", and which one is really better than the others. If you're thinking of choosing an engagement ring or jewelry that doesn't use diamonds, but you don't like the idea of fake diamond rings, you might be wonder what the difference is between diamond alternatives and the real thing.

But, what if you could purchase a diamond alternative that has more beauty and fire than even a diamond has -- a piece of jewelry so brilliant and beautiful that it will turn heads when you walk in the room? With moissanite jewelry, you can find the perfect alternative to diamonds and fake diamond rings.

Moissanite vs. Diamond fire comparison


Let’s face it – every woman loves diamonds. Their clear, colorless beauty and sparkle have been prized for centuries, and many of the world’s most memorable and historical pieces of jewelry feature these brilliant stones. However, as many of us know, diamonds are expensive and remain a financial investment that few are willing to make. Fake diamonds are one alternative, but “paste” or fake gems like cubic zirconia offer less sparkle and aren't as durable. So what should you go with?

Moissanite is the best choice in colorless gemstones, even better than diamonds. If you aren't already familiar, moissanite is a lab-created, eco-friendly, genuine precious gemstone all it's own. Moissanite is actually a naturally occurring mineral, but it is so rare on earth that it can't be mined. But to many's surprise, is the fact moissanite has 2.4x the fire of diamond, and is ranked as the most brilliant gem in the world (which means it is the sparkliest, brightest, whitest, and therefore the prettiest of all colorless gems!).


Moissanite is also harder than white sapphire or cubic zirconia and is extremely resistant to scratching and chipping, and will not dull or fade over time. It can also withstand heat that would turn a diamond to dust! Unlike fake diamond rings, your Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® jewelry will last for generations to come and makes a perfect choice for engagement.

Moissanite is also an affordable alternative to diamonds, with its lighter weight equating to larger gems per price and its lab growth process providing instant quality control. Compared to diamonds of similar quality and size, Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® is a better value – and more brilliant – every time. Instead of looking for fake diamond rings, look for real moissanite.