How To Pair Bridal Rings

Bridal ring pairing can be overwhelming, but lucky for you – there isn’t only one correct way to find the perfect match. For instance, some couples will purchase an engagement ring ahead of the wedding band, while others will decide to buy both rings at the same time (either as a set or unique pair). Each option has its benefits, so we decided to share with you a few helpful tips to guide you in selecting your ideal match!

Know Your Budget

Setting a budget, prior to purchasing both bridal rings, is important for selecting the options that work best for you. Not to mention, when you choose moissanite, the stunning design and attainable cost will not only take her breath away but it will also allow you to save up for that dream honeymoon or even put a down payment on a house!

Shop Bridal Sets & Unique Bridal Pairs

Why buy a bridal set?

If a perfect match is what you’re seeking, a bridal set offers that. There is a cohesive style, metal color, and overall design in a bridal set that is guaranteed to be proportional alongside the included engagement ring. Also, purchasing a bridal set can sometimes be a more affordable option.

Clean & Classic

Bold & Beautiful

Left Bridal Set: Radiant Colorless Wedding Set
Right Bridal Set: Trellis Round Colorless Bridal Set

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Why buy a complementary wedding band, instead of a bridal set?

Many couples love the “stacked look” that can be created by purchasing a unique bridal pairing. We also feel that this allows for a very unique and trendy look!  

Separately sold wedding bands pair well with common engagement ring settings and there’s a variety of options! We’ve recently made our favorite selections here to show you just how many ways you can pair bridal rings.

Create Your Unique, Bridal Ring Match

Pick Your Style

Engagement ring settings, shapes and center stone sizes are all elements that play a role in choosing unique wedding band pairings.

Consider Spacing Between Rings

Engagement rings can either sit flush along the wedding band, or they can have some space between them. Different styles lend themselves to a more flushed fitting, especially when pairing with a curved or contoured wedding band.

Pick Your Metal Color & Band Style

Traditionally, engagement rings and wedding bands are worn in the same metal color – but not always! Today we are seeing brides create their own, individualized look with bands that offer unique settings and stone embellishments. So, express your style and pick the design of your dreams!

Classic & Clean: Unique Bridal Pairing

Engagement Ring: Round Solitaire Engagement Ring
Wedding Band: Step Cut Baguette Wedding Band

Bold & Beautiful: Unique Bridal Pairing

Engagement Ring: Round Three Stone Engagement Ring
Wedding Band: Curved Round Wedding Band

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