Introducing Our New Hearts & Arrows Cut!

What better way to show your love than with our new Forever One™ moissanite hearts & arrows gemstones? One of the most proportionally ideal cuts, our hearts & arrows moissanite is now available. It’s 58 facets are cut with the utmost precision by our master gemcutters, resulting in eight symmetrical hearts & arrows. Love is perfect symmetry, so we made a cut that showcases it.

The hearts & arrows cut has become a fan favorite, despite its origins as an “accidental discovery.” In the 1980s in Japan, Kinsaku Yamashita noticed the hearts & arrows pattern in a gemstone. A decade later, the love for this new cut migrated to the United States and we’ve been refining it ever since.

This gem’s extraordinary visual effect is achieved through a precise cutting process which showcases its unique symmetry and angles. When you view this gemstone through a special gemstone viewer from the top (the crown), it will reveal eight symmetrical arrows. Additionally, when you look at the stone from the bottom (or, pavilion), you will see eight beautifully proportional hearts.

hearts and arrows moissanite

Why would you buy something you can’t see with the naked eye?

A gemstone's cut is one of its most important characteristics – it affects the brilliance and sparkle you see when your moissanite catches the light. The cut can entirely change the way a ring looks on someone’s hand. The hearts & arrows proportions and symmetry are unparalleled, which is why the industry has labeled it as the “super ideal.” Even if you can’t see the hearts & arrows at a glance, the impact they have on the stone’s overall shine is extraordinary. Our hearts & arrows are expertly crafted for extraordinary brilliance.

Like a stolen kiss, this gemstone can be your little secret. Everyone else will see it’s unrivaled brilliance, but you will know it hides something more.

Each hearts & arrows moissanite gemstone is unique, just like the person wearing it. Check out our newest collection now.