The ABC’s of Ring Settings: Guide to Engagement Ring Styles & Designs

Aug 10, 2017
The ABC’s of Ring Settings: Guide to Engagement Ring Styles & Designs

Summer’s nearly over and school is almost back in session! It’s time to learn some textbook definitions of engagement ring styles and settings. From understanding “what a split shank is” to types of bezel settings, you’ll be a professor of ring styles before you know it.

Use this quick 12-step guide to help find your partner’s ideal ring or describe your perfect engagement ring to your partner. Don’t forget - hints never hurt! 

12 Popular Engagement Ring Settings & Styles

1. Bezel Setting – This ring setting is characterized by a metal lip going completely around the stone. Bezels are a popular choice since the stone is better protected against accidental rubbing, blows and scratches. If you have an occupation where you need the most secure ring, this is the setting for you.


Forever One Square Moissanite Bezel Set Solitaire Engagement Ring

2. Bypass Rings – Bypass is a ring whose ends come together in the center front, then curve apart. This setting has a symbolic meaning of two souls coming together as one. This design is a great choice if you really want your gemstone to stand out.


Forever One Round Moissanite Bypass Solitaire with Side Accents Engagement Ring 

3. Cathedral Setting – Cathedral rings are a solitaire type with straight, flat shoulders covering the lower part of the crown. This style radiates the grace and elegance of a cathedral with its high arches. If you’d like to make your ring appear larger, this style would be an excellent choice.


Forever One Round Moissanite Solitaire with Side Accents Engagement Ring

4. Filigree Rings – Filigree is the delicate, scrolled wire work on a ring. Filigree engagement ring settings have an heirloom and antique feel, but have recently become more sought-after. Vintage engagement ring lovers rejoice!


Forever One Round Moissanite Solitaire with Carved Band Engagement Ring

5. Halo Setting – Halo rings have a large center stone surrounded by a “halo” of smaller stones. Just like the gemstone at the center of this setting, the person receiving this ring will be the center of your attention. If you really want to be bold, choose a double halo like this ring below to accentuate the flash and beauty of the main stone.


Forever One Round Moissanite Double Halo with Side Accents Engagement Ring 

6. Milgrain – Also spelled as millgrain, are the fine-beaded accents often found on the edges of a ring. This style will give your engagement ring texture and detail. If you’re looking for a vintage, handcrafted feel, this is the ring design for you.


Forever One Oval Moissanite Solitaire with Milgrain Side Accents Engagement Ring 

7. Half Bezel – A ring in which the bezel covers only part of the stone. Half bezels, or partial bezels, are the ideal setting to let more light shine into the gem to give you ultimate fire and brilliance. There’s also no worrying about getting anything caught on prongs or heads with this style. 


Forever One Round Moissanite Solitaire Half Bezel Engagement Ring 

8. Wedding Ring Sets – A set of two or more rings meant to be worn together. Bridal sets complement one another to ensure a beautiful, uniform look. Since you’ll be busy planning your big day, ring sets also eliminate the need for any last-minute wedding band shopping.


Forever One Round Moissanite Floral Band Solitaire with Side Accents Bridal Ring  

9. Six Prong Rings – A setting in which the main stone is held by six prongs. When paired with a round cut, the six-prong style forms a hexagonal shape to make the stone look bigger and more round from a distance. This ring is also a great choice if you’re looking to give your gem more security.


Forever One Round Moissanite Twisted Band Solitaire with Side Accents Engagement Ring

10. Solitaire Rings – A solitaire is an engagement ring with one main stone. This timeless setting is perfect for a simple, yet classy and sophisticated look. Even though round cuts are typically paired with solitaires, cushion cuts and ovals are becoming a new modern favorite.


Forever One Square Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring

11. Split Band Rings – Also known as a split shank, split bands are characterized by a band splitting at the shoulder. This ring style covers a larger surface area, creating a more bold, luxurious look. When paired with halo stones, this setting will also frame your center stone in a unique and elegant way.


Forever One Cushion Moissanite Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring

12. Three Stone Rings – Three stone settings typically have a larger stone in the middle. The three stones represent the trilogy of your relationship: friendship, love and fidelity. This style is meant for someone who wants to stand out and display their love story.


Forever One Emerald Moissanite Three Stone Trellis Engagement Ring 


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