Truth about Fake Diamonds: How Conflict-Free Decisions Give Diamond Alternatives a Bad Name

Fake diamonds and diamond alternatives are neither fake diamonds nor diamond alternatives, rather, they are each their own unique gemstone. In the jewelry industry, the “diamond standard” reigns supreme, but other gemstones such as Forever One moissanite, white sapphires and white topaz are becoming more and more popular. Some buy them because, yes, they can be a diamond alternative – but each gemstone has their own characteristics that make them special, just like the person wearing them.


Forever One moissanite is a lab-grown colorless gemstone made from silicon carbide. Its gemological properties include more fire and brilliance than any other gemstone (including diamonds!) and coming in second only to diamonds on the MOHS hardness scale. Its excellent toughness ensures its ability to endure every day wear and tear. Yes, moissanite’s appearance makes it a great “fake diamond,” but the decision to purchase and wear moissanite includes many other factors. Forever One moissanite is man-made in a laboratory, which means it’s not mined or involved in any trade conflict. Moissanite is grown in a lab for two reasons:

  1. In nature, it is available in such small quantities that you cannot cut a gemstone from it, making it rarer than diamonds.
  2. At Charles & Colvard our promise is to focus on crafted innovation that delivers socially-responsible, accessible yet luxurious jewelry that lasts a lifetime. Innovation guides us as we enhance the beauty of our stones and reduce our negative impact on the world. That’s why every step of our process, from creating and cutting the gemstones to selecting the metals used in our jewelry, meets ethical and environmental standards we share with our consumers. 

We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly roots and unabashedly shout it from the rooftops. When compared to a diamond, Forever One moissanite either possesses similar or superior qualities (and the price doesn’t hurt either!). Whether you’re interested in learning more about Forever One moissanite or you’re ready to get started shopping, you can be assured that any Forever One purchase you make will be socially responsible and will last forever. 


White sapphires and white topaz are a few of the other gemstones associated with the idea of “fake” diamonds. For those who want to use them as a placeholder for a diamond or who are looking to pass them off as diamonds, we encourage you to embrace the properties that make each gemstone unique.

Sapphires are an aluminum oxide and come in a wide range of colors, including white. White sapphires come in third to moissanite and diamonds in brilliance and are just as tough. On the hardness scale, white sapphires earned a 9, which means they are able to stand up to daily wear without much damage. If you’re looking for a stone from the earth that is both found naturally on the earth and is easy on your wallet, white sapphires are a great choice.

Topaz is similar to a white sapphire insomuch that it comes in a variety of colors. White topaz in its most pure form is transparent, while any hues the stone takes are actually impurities present in the mineral. White topaz is not as durable as moissanite or white sapphires, but it is a very affordable option.


Diamonds, moissanite, white sapphires and topaz are all minerals that are found in nature. While in some cases, these gemstones are used as diamond alternatives, we believe that each of these stones are unique. You should evaluate not just their appearance, but how their properties, price tag and creation/origin story fit into your life.

Get to know the story behind each gemstone before you buy, you may fall in love with a colorless gemstone you’ve never met.