Lab Grown Rubies

Precious Gemstones that are Made, Not Mined™

In the late 1800s, Auguste Verneuil developed the first lab-grown precious gemstone to grace the jewelry industry with impeccable aesthetics and a striking hue of red. By redefining the ruby's aesthetics and the technological capabilities of the fine jewelry industry, Verneuil furthered the craft of lab-created rubies by creating his flame-infusion process for synthesizing this beautiful gem.

Due to Verneuil’s discoveries, the highest quality rubies no longer need to be found in Myanmar or the Himalayas. Instead, Charles & Colvard jewelers carefully curate gemstones like rubies, making us the premier source of lab-created gems.

Our Promise

At Charles & Colvard, we strive to redefine the jewelry industry by using exclusively made, not mined gemstones. As we continue to prioritize superior AAA quality, hardness and durability, and ethically sourced stones, our experts forge gemstones that embody unrivaled craftsmanship and care.

Superior AAA Quality

Rubies in the AAA grade are incredibly rare and expensive, as they represent only 1 percent of all naturally occurring gemstones in the world. Charles & Colvard Conscious Color gemstones were crafted to complement our Caydia® lab-grown diamonds— so our rubies demonstrate Superior AAA Quality, making them the perfect and ethical addition to our fine jewelry portfolio.

Conscious Color

For nearly 30 years, Charles & Colvard has set the standard for lab-grown gemstones, focusing on creating ethically sourced stones with impeccable craftsmanship. We constantly seek to innovate the standard of beauty in fine jewelry through above-ground stones, and our Conscious Color collection does just that. We set out to demonstrate that everything we love about Rubies, Sapphires, and Emeralds, can be made consciously, in a way that we can feel good about.

Mohs Hardness

Lab-created rubies are a stunning choice for rings and mountings exposed to daily wear. Ruby stones are among the harder gems in the industry. With no cleavage and excellent toughness, rubies resist aesthetic damage such as scratches and demonstrate no durability concerns. The ruby stands at a Mohs hardness of 9.

mohs hardness scale

Ruby Care and Cleaning

As one of the most recognizable gems in the colored stone market, taking care of a ruby can prolong its shine and glamorous scarlet hues.

Hardness and Toughness

The Mohs scale is used to determine a gem or mineral’s hardness. With a rating of 9, created rubies are excellent gemstones for everyday wear, as they exhibit outstanding toughness and resilience.


Rubies display exceptional stability, as they are one of the more durable gemstones available. Normal exposure to common wearing conditions, including heat, light, and common chemicals, does not damage the gemstone.


Cleaning a ruby with warm, soapy water is typically safe.


Created rubies are highly durable stones, however the surface can become damaged or discolored from re-cutting, swift physical damage, or extremely harsh chemicals, such as boric acid.