Lab Grown Diamond
Carat Weight Ranges

Carat Total Weight (CTW) Details:

Carat weights are expressed as the Carat Weight Total – or sum of all of the gemstones mounted in the selection of jewelry, including the center stone, side stones and the smaller melee accent stones. We do our best to select gemstones that meet or exceed the actual stated weight; however, each gemstone will have slight variations and may vary slightly in the fractional weight. This chart defines the weight range for each stated lab grown diamond fractional weight.

Carat total weights over 1 CTW should incorporate the fractional weight range plus the whole carat weight. I.E. 1 1/2 CTW should incorporate a range of 1.45 to 1.57 CTW.

Certification will be provided for all center gems > 0.50 CTW with matching certification number inscribed on girdle. All certified lab grown diamonds > 1/2 CTW are grown in the USA.