In Bloom: Rose Cuts

The rose cut originated in the 1500s and features a flat base with a domed top that resembles the petals of a rose bud. Because of this, the surface area appears larger than a different cut of the same size.

Offering a transparent glow with facets that allow you to see through the gem, the rose cut lends a hint of romantic nostalgia to modern settings.

Romance Blossoms

Our six different rose cut shapes complete a bouquet of unique moissanite gems, and our Duet Rose is a double-sided beauty.

These rose cut gemstones are a nod to the continual rebirth of vintage style.

The Bouquet

Charles and Colvard jewelry

Round Rose Cut

A classic shape that marries simplicity and elegance. With 25 facets it boasts a dome-shaped crown with a star illusion at its center.

Charles and Colvard jewelry

Oval Rose Cut

This streamlined sister to the round shape offers timeless sophistication as 33 facets reveal a chic shine.

Charles and Colvard jewelry

Cushion Rose Cut

Striking the perfect balance between square and round with soft edges, this gemstone has a pillow-like façade and antique appeal that set its 33 facets all aglow.

Charles and Colvard jewelry

Pear Rose Cut

Blending a round with a marquise shape, the pear rose cut is truly enchanting. Topping off at 37 facets that display a mesmerizing transparency.

Charles and Colvard jewelry

Marquise Rose Cut

Perfect symmetry from tip to tip, the marquise shape originated in the 18th century. This cut showcases 25 facets, is rich with history, and regally refined.

Charles and Colvard jewelry

Rectangular Cushion Rose Cut

An elongated design creates a sleek profile, while 33 facets and a pillow-like surface radiate with soft beauty.

Comparatively Speaking

Let’s take a look at how these three different round cuts offer their own unique shine based on shape, style and facets.

Charles and Colvard jewelry

Round Brilliant

One of the most popular cuts showcasing 57-58 facets that radiate brilliant sparkle. With an almost cone shape, it features a crown, girdle and pavilion. From the top view, this shape almost appears flat.

Charles and Colvard jewelry

Round Rose

An antique style featuring 25 facets and a transparent glow. With a flat base, the crown, which resembles a rose bud, appears larger than a different cut in the same size.

Charles and Colvard jewelry

Duet Rose

A double-sided gemstone with equal proportions, offering 48 facets top to bottom and illuminating a unique shimmer.