The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing a Moissanite Engagement Ring

Congratulations, you’ve found the perfect one and you’re ready to get engaged! Now you just need to choose the perfect ring for your proposal.

There’s a lot of pressure in finding the right ring since it should match their style and symbolize your love for each other. They’ll look at it and wear it every single day and will likely flaunt it to their family and friends, so you’ll want them to love it just as much as they love you!

But don’t worry, this engagement ring guide will walk you through some of the most important steps you need to know to find a ring that they’ll cherish forever.

Learn the 4C’s of Moissanite


The cut of a gemstone is not synonymous with shape, rather, it refers to the symmetry, proportions and polish of the gem. Cut is one of the most important C’s, as it determines the amount of light or “sparkle” reflected from the stone. Each of our gemstones are hand-faceted by our expert gemcutters into the shapes most conducive to each stone’s natural attributes – so every gem will remain just as brilliant as the day you received it.


If you’re considering moissanite, know that it comes in two colors: colorless and near-colorless. Moissanite uses a color grading scale that is based upon a diamond color grading scale. Forever One colorless (DEF range) will give you the added sparkle you’re looking for and the near-colorless (GH range) will have a slight icy hue. Regardless of which one you choose, moissanite’s color will never fade or change over time.


What guided you or your soon-to-be fiancé in your decision to purchase moissanite? Is it that moissanite is non-traditional, sustainable or more budget-friendly? The same principles you used to make this socially responsible choice are the characteristics that make moissanite exceptional. Each piece of moissanite has its own character, just like the unique person you’re giving it to.


When you decide to buy moissanite, you are making a conscientious choice to purchase an ethically sourced, socially responsible and sustainable gemstone. By choosing moissanite, you are helping to reduce the negative impact on the earth and change the environmental standards set by the fine jewelry indust

Determine a Budget

It’s okay if you can’t afford to spend the "normal" three month’s salary on a ring – spend whatever you feel comfortable spending without breaking the bank. If you buy a ring that balances size and quality, your future fiancé will appreciate the time and effort you put into choosing a ring meant just for them.

You should also look for a jeweler where you can take advantage of payment options that best fit your needs. Don’t forget you’ll need to be saving up for the big day and the honeymoon too!

Choose a Gemstone Shape

Currently, there are ten different cuts of moissanite gemstones available: