A Practical, Beautiful Alternative to Diamonds

Why is Moissanite an Ideal Gemstone and a Great Diamond Alternative

If you are looking for the best replacement for diamond (diamond substitute), then moissanite is the answer to your quest. This gem has more brilliance and fire than lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds. It also has more clarity, beauty, and durability than cubic zirconia.

Moissanite, unlike fake gems, is an actual precious stone. When it comes to the best diamond substitute, moissanite jewelry is the only answer. A lab-grown precious gem, it provides the beauty and sparkle you want out of all your fine jewelry without the hefty price tag of natural diamonds. 



One of the reasons moissanite is used as a diamond substitute is because of its brilliant sparkle and fire. Originally found in meteorite craters, this compact, crystalline gem is extremely rare in nature. Growing the stone in the lab has enabled it, for the first time, to be readily available enough to create luxurious, fine jewelry.

Why all the effort? Moissanite’s refractive properties are 2.4 times higher on the refractive scale than diamonds, making the best of these gems up to ten times brighter and more reflective than diamonds. This is visible in the gemstone's beautiful luster, brilliance, and fire, which can be seen across a room and outshines diamonds any day of the week.


Another appeal for moissanite is its practicality. While precious gems are always beautiful, they can also be expensive, causing a reluctance to wear them with your daily wardrobe, when you travel or even preventing you from buying them. Moissanite is still a luxury gem, but its value cannot be beat. You can buy moissanite set in gold or, if you already have a setting you've fallen in love with, you can buy any of our available loose gems including emerald, Asscher, oval, radiant, pear, round, cushion, square brilliant and hearts & arrows. 

Two factors ensure this precious gem's value. First, the process of growing the stone in a lab ensures that you are getting the best gems each time. This quality control eliminates the luck and natural occurrence of fine gems like diamonds, where nature plays a tremendous part in determining the gem's rarity.

Second, created moissanite is a lighter stone than a diamond. The same weight or carat stone will give you a larger stone for the same weight as a smaller diamond. Because of this, moissanite jewelry remains a practical and prudent investment in something glamorous, and is the best diamond substitute.

With Forever One by Charles & Colvard, your moissanite will sparkle even more. A special two-step process for these best of the best precious gems ensures that your stone is ten times whiter than standard moissanite, increasing the beauty and sparkle even further. Make a smart choice for your budget and your wardrobe, and choose Forever One by Charles & Colvard today for the finest moissanite available.