Moissanite Engagement Rings are 2018’s Hottest Trend on Pinterest

This just in: moissanite engagement rings are 2018’s hottest trend!

“This year, brides are obsessed with a non-diamond engagement ring… it’s called moissanite.” According to Pinterest, moissanite engagement rings are the biggest ring trend happening right now – in fact, “searches for moissanite engagement rings are up 294% since 2017.”

A recent article by Jessica Booth on Hello Giggles discusses this growing trend, highlighting moissanite’s value, brilliance and affordability as key reasons brides are opting for this alternative gemstone. Having a distinctive, non-traditional ring is important for brides today – they are looking for “something a little bit more unique.” And their search for the perfect ring is leading them to moissanite. Booth can see why people are opting for moissanite rings, saying it’s a great way to have the traditional ring feel without spending a ton of money.

Check out some of the moissanite engagement rings 2018 brides are loving on Pinterest:

Moissanite Twig Engagement Ring

Moissanite white gold engagement ring set

Near-colorless moissanite three stone with side accents engagement ring

Oval moissanite engagement ring

If you’re still searching for your dream ring, look no further than our engagement ring style guide to help you find the ring that best fits your personality. If you have already said “yes” to a beautiful moissanite engagement ring, give us a shout out on social media with #OurBrilliance!

Like what you see in the images above? Get the look, today:

Gold Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring (image 1)
Moissanite Engagement Ring Set (image 2)
3 Stone Engagement Ring (image 3)
Brilliant Solitaire Engagement Ring (image 4)