Diamonds Not Your Thing? We

For a long time, engagement rings have been synonymous with “diamond.” Now, however, that’s starting to change. More and more brides are choosing alternative gemstones for their engagement rings and wedding bands. And one of the gemstones growing rapidly in popularity? Our beloved Forever Brilliant® moissanite!

We lent Kim Fusaro of some moissanite bling to rock instead of her usual diamond rings. The reviews? Sparkling.

The Forever Brilliant® moissanite rings* sent from® to journalist Kim Fusaro. Photo by Kim Fusaro for Glamour

“I got plenty of compliments on my loaner bling. (The center stone was around the equivalent of a 2-carat diamond, so it was borderline blinding,” writes Fusaro. And as to whether or not people could tell it wasn’t a diamond? “After people ohh’d and ahh’d I’d tell them the rings weren’t diamonds, and every last person was truly shocked. I also took them to an industry event…and while plenty of people noticed the rings, not a single person asked whether the stones were diamonds.”

If you want something that looks like a diamond, but without the cost (financial, environmental, AND humanitarian), moissanite might be the perfect engagement ring stone for you. It certainly has the sort of sparkle that attracts compliments!

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Do any of you have a moissanite engagement ring or wedding band? What made you go with an alternative gemstone, and with moissanite in particular?


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Allium Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Ring

Jade Moissanite Band

Bonita Forever Brilliant® Moissanite Halo Ring