Meet our new friend & jewelry designer Lynne Ramirez

We had the pleasure of meeting Lynne and her husband, Andy, at JCK Las Vegas. Both are veterans in the jewelry industry and passionate about moissanite. I had the chance to ask a few nosey questions to get to know them better, and wanted to share Lynne’s responses. Read on to learn how she and Andy got started, what inspires them and why they chose moissanite!

SO: Tell me a little about your business? When and why you started?

LR: Andy and I both began our journey in the jewelry industry as teenagers. We met as colleagues, each of us having owned our own companies for several years. Last year we married and joined forces creatively with a new company named, LARC Jewels (Lynne & Andy Ramirez Creative). Together we have jewelry industry experience that encompasses retail, wholesale, manufacturing, marketing, and design. We are the “Dream Team” each of us has wished for, and are so excited about what we will achieve together.

SO: How do you define your style?

LR: I would describe our style as intuitive. Perhaps that is more of an approach, but listening to our clients and conceptualizing their design as a reflection of their intention and personality is the common denominator in all our designs. We want to know what story their piece will tell and the sentiments attached to it. In jewelry, every tiny detail matters. We delight in creating unique ways of incorporating family motifs and personal details. Our approach, is about illuminating our client’s personal style and story through their jewelry.


SO: What inspires you and your designs?

LR: Andy and I share a passion for one-of-a-kind jewelry with exceptional craftsmanship. However, it is people who inspire our designs. Jewelry has a unique power of carrying memories and stories of commitment, celebration, and legacy. These sentiments become stronger with every generation as its passed down.


We believe this significance is built through the memories and emotions formed by not only the giving and receiving of jewelry, but also through the process of creating such a gift. We are in love with the process of bringing a customer’s unique vision or purpose to life as a beautiful piece of jewelry.

SO: Favorite place to find inspiration?

LR: Love stories! We are so fortunate to witness love stories unfold right in front of us as well as celebrate them with anniversaries and holidays for years to come. It is impossible not to become emotionally attached to our clients, so we don’t even fight it.

Lynne & Andy Ramirez, founders of LARC Jewels take a romantic stroll along the beach.

Lynne & Andy Ramirez, founders of LARC Jewels take a romantic stroll along the beach.

SO: Tell me why you love moissanite?

LR: OPTICS. No one, especially jewelry addicts, can deny the straight up beauty of moissanite. There are countless reasons to consider moissanite especially as an engagement ring. It’s durable, affordable, and beautiful. I love that Moissy has its own narrative that is free from conflict and environmental damage. If that isn’t enough, I like to place a moissanite next to a diamond of comparable size and shape and let the stones do the talking. I tell my clients to “pick the pretty one”. Every bride stares at her ring more than anyone else does. She should love what she sees. Bottom line– moissanite melts hearts.

SO: What other gemstones do you work with?

LR: This is a dangerous question. Some of my personal favorites are spinel, garnet, zircon… I could go on. I am often attracted to unusual soft hues while Andy loves vibrant and exotic tourmalines. We can’t help “geeking out” over unique finds and discoveries, which is our idea of a great date night.


Lynne loves soft hues.


Andy loves vibrant hues.

SO: What piece of moissanite jewelry are you most proud of, and why? Can you share pics?

LR: We recently finished a project for a client from Chicago. She has such a strong sense of personal style and we enjoyed exchanging ideas and relating our similar jewelry obsessions. The end result far surpassed anything we could have designed without her input. This ring just has our client written all over it! We couldn’t wait to get that thing on her finger. It’s amazing what comes of collaborating with interesting, creative and trusting clients.

We used a Forever Brilliant oval along with round diamond accents as well as 2 pear shaped rose cut diamonds set in platinum.

moissanite jewelry designs by LARC

SO: What do you think about our new Asscher cut?

LR: The new Asscher cut is beautifully faceted and certainly doesn’t hold back on brilliance and dispersion, which is what we all love about moissanite. We already have a few deco inspired designs in mind for this brand new Moissy but I also love how naturally versatile it is.

SO: What was your impression of JCK Las Vegas this year?

LR: We loved the show! Every year we get to see the industry we love come together, share knowledge, experience and form new relationships. This year was very satisfying and exciting. It’s thrilling to see that our industry, which has such a rich history, is quickly evolving.

SO: What would you say is the top trend from the show?

LR: In fashion, we noticed chokers making a strong appearance as well as oxidized metals. In bridal we saw twisted diamond shanks and larger halos.

SO: What’s your favorite magazine for trends and discovering new things?

LR: These days I find myself spending more time following Jewelry Bloggers and Industry Powerhouses such as:

Also check out their Instagram accounts- they will not disappoint.