"Is This Going to Look Like a Diamond?"

Designer Stacy Kripas of Bel Viaggio Designs has helped many couples select the perfect engagement ring. Among those couples considering moissanite, she found that a common question frequently came up: “Is this going to look like a diamond?” Below, Stacy answers that question and more, and discusses why she thinks moissanite is the only choice for the socially responsible consumer.

Multiple times a day I am asked the same question, in many different forms.  “Will my in-laws be able to tell?” “Is this going to look like a diamond?” I try with the utmost patience to educate and advise without imposing my own personal opinions.  Let’s face it: I am a huge proponent of Charles & Colvard® and what they represent, and sometimes it’s hard not to shake people!  There are many reasons why I feel so strongly. Maybe you will agree, and maybe you won’t.

Stacy Kripas

Stacy Kripas, owner and designer at Bel Viaggio Designs

If you want a diamond, I can certainly provide that for you.  However, I do encourage you to consider the financial aspects of that decision. Do you really want to start off your new marriage in debt?  Don’t set yourself up for financial issues right off the bat. Or how about upgrading your original ring and having to use your child’s college fund, because that new diamond is so expensive? And that doesn’t even take the humanitarian cost into account! If I told you that new diamond could be fueling war and violence, would you still want it?

Emerald cut moissanite ring by Stacy Kripas

An engagement ring featuring an emerald cut Forever Brilliant® moissanite center stone. Available on Etsy.com from @BelViaggioDesigns

When I do a cost comparison for customers, they can’t believe the price difference.  Yes, some want that emerald cut stone, VS clarity with H color in a diamond, but ask if I can do it for the same price as the moissanite.  No, but I can provide the same stone in a moissanite.  I even offer a 5-day viewing period for those who are skeptical.  There are tons of skeptics, but I believe this just comes from lack of understanding.

Can you tell which of these rings are moissanite and which are diamond?

Can you tell which of these rings are moissanite and which are diamond?

Moissanite is its own gemstone – it is not a diamond.  Consumers need to stop comparing it to a diamond.  Do we compare a white topaz to a diamond?  No, we do not! Moissanite is a gemstone for people who want to step outside of the box, set new traditions for their family, and set a good example for their children.  It is a gemstone for people who want to make a smart financial decision, and wear something gorgeous, brilliant, and sparkly without supporting war and violence.

Moissanite is for me. Is it for you?

~Stacy Kripas

Below, Stacy talks about moissanite’s eco-friendly status: