Wedding Bloggers Visit Charles & Colvard

Some of the biggest moissanite fans out there are brides-to-be. That’s not terribly surprising; moissanite is more affordable than other gemstones (so brides can spend more money on that fabulous dress!), it’s sustainable and conflict-free, AND it has more brilliance than any other gem, including diamond.

To get the word out about moissanite to even more brides, we invited four wedding bloggers to visit us here at Charles & Colvard®. We’re glad to say they all had a fantastic time. The bloggers got an inside look into how moissanite is made, and even got the chance to select some sparkly souvenirs from the jewelry vault, including one-of-a-kind rings!

We loved hearing each blogger’s thoughts on moissanite, and were struck by what attracted them most to the gem. For example, blogger Megan Acosta of Glamour & Grace focuses on vintage-inspired weddings. She loved the fact that moissanite was durable enough to passed down from generation to generation. “At Glamour & Grace, we are all about heirlooms. I love moissanite because it is one of the only stones that lasts a lifetime,” she said. “Not only do you not have to worry about environmental and ethical issues, they are such great heirloom pieces to pass down. It can be saved for the next generations to be cherished, and will still shine and sparkle.”

Moissanite ring

The moissanite ring chosen by Megan Acosta of Glamour & Grace to bring home!

Blogger and Etsy entrepreneur Lauren Saylor runs A Fabulous Fete, an amazing resource for everything related to entertaining. She loved that moissanite had a truly meaningful place in wearers’ memories. “Being a lover of diamonds and special occasion jewelry, it’s exciting to share that there is an alternative out there that is more attainable but still as beautiful. Collecting pieces from meaningful celebrations in life isn’t just to have that gorgeous stack of rings on your fingers. I know that when I look down at what my husband has given me over the years, there is a reason for all of them and I can tell you why, when, how, where… everything,” she said.

Modeling a moissanite gemstone

Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete modeling an impressive loose moissanite gemstone

Moissanite earrings and ring

The pair of moissanite earrings and stunning moissanite eternity band selected by Lauren Saylor from the vault

The DIY trend is something we’re glad more and more brides are embracing. After all, it’s affordable, unique, and eco-friendly – just like our favorite gemstone! We were thrilled that Jen Carreiro, the voice of premiere DIY bridal blog Something Turquoise, was able to come down and visit us. “I’m a very visual learner, so my favorite part of the trip was being able to see and truly understand the extensive process that it takes to create a stunning moissanite gemstone,” she says.

Taelor Bakewell of wedding blog Aisle Perfect has seen a lot of engagement rings and heard from a ton of engagement ring hunters. Her new favorite gemstone for these symbols of everlasting love? Moissanite. “Searching for engagement rings can be absolutely overwhelming and stressful, and more and more couples have found themselves picking out engagement rings together,” she says. She plans to tell her readers: “Do you want to know one of the best-kept secrets in the jewelry industry? MOISSANITE.”

Trying on rings

Aisle Perfect‘s Taelor Bakewell trying on some fab moissanite rings!

Thank you to Megan, Lauren, Jen, and Taelor for visiting the home of moissanite! We hope to see you again soon.