The Best for a Budget, Discount Moissanite Engagement Rings


August 26, 2014

No one wants to be cheap on their wedding day or when proposing to that special someone, and discount moissanite engagement rings are the perfect solution for working within your budget constraints while still offering luxury jewelry for that special moment. Diamonds are beautiful but pricey, and while other precious gems may be preferred by some brides, no one can doubt the popularity of the ubiquitous diamond engagement ring. As any potential groom or partner can tell you, however, that special ring can come with a hefty price tag.

Moissanite jewelry is the perfect solution for this dilemma. Forever Brilliant ® gems by Charles & Colvard are the pinnacle of these amazing gems that offer all of the beauty of a diamond, with more fire and brilliance and a comparatively lower price tag. Don’t skimp on luxury or looks; make a sensible purchase that shows the fire and sparkle of your love with discount moissanite engagement rings.


With a hardness rating that surpasses most other gemstones, moissanite’s durability will allow it to last through the trials of life and become a family heirloom in its own right. This lab-grown gem is the perfect choice for engagement rings and bridal sets, not only for its hardness, but also for its quality and beauty.

Moissanite is extremely rare in nature, found only in tiny amounts in the remains of meteorite impacts. While this veritable gem made of stardust had beautiful, natural fire, it was not until lab processes allowed for it to be grown by scientists that it became a viable and sought after luxury gem. Forever Brilliant ® gems by Charles & Colvard are held to the highest standards of gem beauty, and only the finest, luxury jewelry pieces are offered.

Moissanite’s largest benefit as a jewelry piece, however, comes from its inner fire. With a 2.4 high refractive index than diamonds, this beautiful stone catches the light and allows for a greater play of light inside the gem itself. Combine this special characteristic with masterful cuts to maximize the shape and quality of each stone, and your gems will outshine and outsparkle any diamond.


Moissanite’s lab growth process, in addition to quality control, also helps ensure that the gem’s price is only a fraction of its beauty. Strict quality control and the ability to control and oversee each step of the process means that the dazzling glory of a moissanite gem is not left up to the whim of nature and humanity’s luck at finding the stone. The result is high quality gems each time -- and a lower cost when compared to diamonds of similar quality. For the most fire and the best price, consider discount moissanite engagement rings today.