What is a Radiant Cut and Why is it so Popular for Engagement Rings?

If you’re looking for something unique, radiant cuts are the perfect choice. In 1977, Henry Grossbard developed the radiant cut by combining the elegant “step-cut” used for emeralds with the “brilliant cut” used for rounds. 

The Radiant Cut

With its facets and an elongated shape, radiant cuts have revolutionized the jewelry industry’s view of square and rectangular cut stones. Because of the faceting required for a square or rectangular stone, they lacked the brilliance and fire of the oval or pear. It would take extraordinary craftsmanship and years of experimentation before the radiant cut would be realized.

Radiant cut diamonds & gemstones really sparkle…

To increase the scintillation, or sparkle, of the rectangular stone, Grossbard used strategic angled cuts to create virtual facets. To maximize the beauty and brilliance of the radiant cut, Grossbard applied these virtual facets in a brilliant-facet pattern to both the crown and the pavilion of the stone. This pattern allows the gemstone to disperse more light, making it more brilliant than any other square or rectangular cut. So, when you’re wearing your radiant gemstones, no matter what direction you turn your hand, your stone is guaranteed to shine bright.

How many facets are in a radiant cut diamond vs moissanite?

While radiant cut diamonds usually need 70 facets to maximize the fire and brilliance of the stone, moissanite only requires 54. This is because moissanite’s fire and brilliance is unrivaled by any other gemstone. It’s chemical structure and optical properties make it the world’s most brilliant gem, meaning it takes less facets to obtain the brilliance you love.

Forever One Radiant Moissanite Solitaire with Side Accents Engagement Ring

Forever One Radiant Moissanite Solitaire with Side Accents Engagement Ring, starting at $779

Is a radiant cut engagement ring for you?

Today, the radiant cut has become a popular gemstone shape for engagement rings. If you’re asking yourself, is the radiant cut the best cut for my lifestyle? Let us help.

In addition to its fire and brilliance, the radiant cut is shaped in a way that suits an active lifestyle. It doesn’t have sharp corners like the princess or square cuts, which means it is less vulnerable to any sort of damage. Also, because of its distinctive facet pattern, the radiant cut looks great with any sidestone, meaning you can flaunt it as a show-stopping solitaire or with the halo of your dreams!

Of course, the radiant cut is a beautiful option for more than just engagement rings. If you’re searching for something to add a unique touch of sparkle to your outfit, check out some of these options below.

Forever One Radiant Moissanite Halo Pendant

Forever One Radiant Moissanite Halo Pendant, starting at $819

Forever One Radiant Moissanite Halo Earrings

Forever One Radiant Moissanite Halo Earrings, starting at $969

For more information about moissanite’s properties and available shapes, refer to our Moissanite FAQ Section or our Full Guide to Moissanite Cuts and Shapes.