Why We Celebrate Mother’s Day: True Stories of Brilliant Moms

Earlier this week, we started our new mini-series of blogs celebrating the brilliance of the mother figures in your lives. We loved reading Catherine and Meghan’s stories, and hope you did too! This week, we are featuring Melissa and Bianca’s submissions about their hardworking, selfless and loving moms. Keep reading to learn more about their stories and share your own with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #BrilliantMoms!

My mom is the light of my life.”

Melissa's Mother's Day Sweepstakes Submission

"My mom is the light of my life. She left behind her career as a successful psychologist and her tight-knit family in Cuba in order for me to have a brighter future in America. She sacrificed so much for me and I will always be grateful that she possessed so much love for me that she was willing to give it all up." -Melissa T.

My mom is a superhero!”

Bianca's Mother's Day Sweepstakes Submission

"My mom is a superhero! She has always strived to give her kids and husband everything! She worked two jobs - one as a school psychologist helping young kids in schools, academically mentally and emotionally. And a side job of kicking serious butt as a spin instructor! She is an AMAZING cook and has passed down her epic recipes to us girls! She is the best hugger, has unmatched advice and our biggest cheerleader! LAX MOM for our brother's college team. She actually DOES IT ALL! We love her to the moon and back!" -Bianca T

 Don’t forget Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13th! Still looking for the perfect gift? Shop our Mother’s Day assortment for some brilliant ideas! 

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