8 Of The Most Unique Proposal Themes

Each proposal is unique and special, just as no two love stories are the same, but every so often there are those that stand out among all the rest. We’ve searched for some of the most extravagant and impressive proposals. So, whether you are looking for some inspiration before popping the question or you just love love, enjoy the videos and stories below. Some will surprise you and some just may bring you to tears!

Peter Pan Proposal

It’s off to Neverland for this blissful couple, ready to take on a lifetime of never growing up together. Peter Pan went above and beyond for his Wendy, complete with costumes, pirate ships and a lot of fairy dust to make this dream come true.

Harry Potter Proposal

Magic and adventure are not just for the wizarding world. This adorable muggle couple has all that and more, keeping everyone spellbound by the obvious sparks they have flying. Every proposal is magical, but this one was especially powerful when the couple even seals the promise with a spell.

"After All This Time... Always" - A Harry Potter Themed Engagement Proposal from NightOwls Media on Vimeo.

Angry Birds 

These two lovebirds were far from angry after the groom-to-be creatively used his favorite game to pop the question. She never expected the words that showed up on the app after playing to pass the time waiting for their food at a restaurant. 

Goo Goo Dolls Proposal

How about getting your favorite band and hundreds of screaming fans to help you propose? The end of this sweet proposal is worth the wait - watch how the rockstars help surprise the bride to be.

Wakesurfing Proposal

This bride better buckle up for a lifetime of adventure with a fiance who daringly proposed while the couple was companion wakesurfing. Don’t worry he waited to pull out the ring until they were safely on the boat!

Up Proposal

Disney’s Up has, perhaps, one of the most tear jerking cartoon love stories there is and this proposal inspired by the movie is no different. Have your tissues handy watching these high school sweetheart’s big moment complete with balloons, music and their own adventure book. 

Pride and Prejudice Proposal

She found her Mr. Darcy and boy did he go above and beyond to make this proposal perfect. The scene included a 30 minute reenactment of her favorite book Pride and Prejudice with the most important people in her life playing all the main characters. There is unfortunately no video but beautiful pictures capture every moment here; from her surprise to the big screen-worthy moment when he takes a knee.


Spider-man Proposal

Superheroes aren’t just for comic books and movie screens. This woman gets swept off her feet by her soon-to-be-fiancé as the real life Spider-Man swoops in to save the day. 

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