Introducing Forever One

It’s hard to believe that moissanite has been available to the public for almost twenty years. Since Charles & Colvard’s creation of the world’s first gem-quality moissanite almost two decades ago, the company has continuously improved their product through an impressive commitment to innovation. Now they’ve accomplished what many in the gemstone industry had considered impossible – the creation of purely colorless moissanite.

Charles & Colvard® is proud to introduce Forever One™, their first colorless grade of moissanite. This stone joins Forever Brilliant® and Forever Classic™ in the company’s family of beautiful, brilliant moissanite gemstones. Each brand offers sparkle, fire, and durability that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

The Forever Family

The Forever Family

“Forever One™ is a Game Changer for the jewelry industry, it’s the most superior moissanite I have ever seen,” said Marvin Beasley, President & CEO of Charles & Colvard®. “This journey has been nearly twenty years in the making, since we first created gem quality moissanite in 1996. Through a longstanding partnership with our exclusive supplier of silicon carbide, Cree, recent technological advancements and ongoing dedication from our amazing team to better our best, Forever One™ is the finest gemstone we’ve ever produced and our first colorless moissanite.”

We couldn’t agree more! The new stone is dazzling, alight with pure white sparkle and shining with the incredible brilliance jewelry lovers have come to expect from moissanite.

CC F1 Grouping

Forever One™ is the whitest moissanite from Charles & Colvard®

We’ve already received some great questions about this new stone – we’ll answer a few of the common ones right here.

What’s the difference between Forever One™, Forever Brilliant®, and Forever Classic™?

The differences between the three brands of moissanite are in the color and in the price points. Each has a hardness of 9.25 on the Mohs scale, harder than emerald, ruby, and sapphire. All three exhibit more brilliance and fire than any other gemstone, including diamond. Forever One™ is considered colorless by GIA standards, and is graded in the D-E-F range. Forever Brilliant® moissanite is in the near-colorless G-H-I range, while Forever Classic™ exhibits faint body color J-K range.

Forever One™ is sold at the highest price point of the three stones. For an 8mm (2ct) round stone, the price breakdown is as follows: $1,349 (Forever One™), $899 (Forever Brilliant®), and $589 (Forever Classic™). All three are a fraction of the cost of a diamond of comparable size, color, and clarity.

What cuts and sizes are available in Forever One™?

Currently, loose Forever One™ gemstones are only available in round brilliant cuts; however, square brilliant, and cushion cuts will be offered soon. The round brilliant cuts are available in the following sizes: 5mm (0.5ct), 6.5mm (1ct), 7.5mm (1.55ct), 8mm (2ct), and 9mm (2.75ct).

Forever One™ is available in round brilliants, cushions, and square brilliants

Forever One™ will soon be available in round brilliants, cushions, and square brilliants

When ordering loose Forever One™ gemstones on, please keep in mind that quantities are limited, and orders will be taken on a first-come first-serve basis. Any loose gem orders that cannot be fulfilled right away will be placed on a waitlist until additional gemstones become available.

Are there any jewelry styles featuring Forever One™ currently available?

Yes, there are! The Forever One™ Collection on offers a selection of gorgeous rings that can be set with Forever One™ stones. Each ring is hand-crafted and custom-made, so please allow at least two weeks for your order to be processed and shipped. More styles will be added in the coming weeks, so be sure to visit the site often!

The Clarette halo ring, available at, can be set with a Forever One™ center stone

The Clarette halo ring, available on, can be set with a Forever One™ center stone

This is an exciting time in the life of Charles & Colvard’s corporate history and a legacy we can add to the Company’s historical achievements.  This incredible colorless stone is truly a game-changer, not only for us moissanite fans but for the entire gemstone industry. We hope to spotlight more styles featuring Forever One™ stones in the very near future – please check back with us soon!