Why Moissanite? Three Brides-to-Be Explain Their Choice

Moissanite is growing in popularity as an engagement ring stone. Some brides-to-be choose moissanite because it is nearly indistinguishable from diamond at just one-tenth the cost. Others select it because it’s conflict-free and eco-friendly. Still others just love the way it looks!

Jewelry industry publication JCKonline recently spoke to a few newly engaged moissanite fans about why they selected the gemstone for their engagement rings. Flight attendant Carrie Adams was all about the sparkle. She first saw the stone 15 years ago and couldn’t get over how brilliant it was.  She now owns two moissanite rings, one featuring a whopping 10 ct. radiant-cut stone! “It makes your knees turn to jelly,” she says.

Blogger and Youtube personality Tori Okoye was also attracted to moissanite’s unrivaled sparkle. “It’s gorgeous,” she says of her 1.25 ct heart-cut Forever Brilliant® moissanite engagement ring. “I went bigger than I ever imagined.” She plans to choose a moissanite wedding band as well. While she loves moissanite for its shine, the stone’s conflict-free status is also important to her. Her family is African, and she worried a diamond might have ties to violence.

Tori and her fiance

Tori Okoye and her fiance. Photo by Emmari Photography

Social responsibility was also extremely important to Chelsea O’Neil when it came to selecting an engagement ring stone. “We are social justice advocates in our professional lives,” she says of herself and her partner. “I wanted to feel like my engagement ring was an extension of me and that its creation reflected the things that I value. Plus, it’s really beautiful and passes for a more traditional engagement ring. Everybody wins.”

O’Neil commented on moissanite’s growing popularity in the bridal market as well. “If people can get past their assumptions about diamonds as a status symbol or what others may think about their choice, I think it’s definite an option that could become a trend.”

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