Our Story

We create beautiful jewelry with a conscience.

Fine Jewelry, Redefined®

We believe there is a more brilliant way forward. Our mission is to redefine real within the jewelry industry and for our customers. We live by the idea that fine jewelry can be accessible, beautiful and conscientious. We use premium quality lab created gems – Forever One moissanite and Caydia® lab grown diamonds – all set in responsibly sourced precious metals.

We want you to sparkle on your own terms.

The World's Most Brilliant Gem®

Nearly three decades ago, we introduced gemstone-quality moissanite to the world, providing an ethically sourced, extremely brilliant white gemstone that is both beautiful and affordable. Over the last two decades, we’ve perfected the process of creating moissanite gemstones, culminating with the launch of Forever One – the world’s most brilliant gem®. Grown using a patented process, the quality of Forever One is superior to that of other moissanite brands.

Caydia®Lab Grown Diamonds

As a leader in lab grown gemstone innovation, we introduced Caydia lab diamonds offering our customers a choice in premium created gems.

Caydia is a specially curated assortment of premium lab grown diamonds exclusively available from Charles & Colvard. These exquisite gems are hand selected by our certified gemologists to meet our uncompromising standards – standards that are reflected in the impeccable craftmanship of each piece of jewelry we create.